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Different Types of Vehicles Permit in Arizona

Are you unsure about the several types of permits you'll need to drive your car across Arizona?  What are the permit fees and the duration of the permit?  Where are you going to get this done?  Which department is in charge of fee regulation and collection?  In this article we'll go through the many types of permits and the expenses associated with them.

Below are different types of vehicle permits available

3-day Use Permit

If the following conditions are met authorized Third-party provider and Arizona MVD can issue you 3-day use permit

  • To submit an application for a title and / or registration
  • Before registering or renewing a vehicle, it must be tested for emissions.
  • Before registering or renewing a vehicle, it must undergo a physical inspection.
  • Before registration, repairs are required to pass emissions testing or a physical inspection (or renewal)

The 3-day Use permit permits an unregistered vehicle to do the following:

  • To submit a title and/or registartion application
  • To pass emissions testing or a physical inspection, repairs are needed.
  • To drive on Arizona highways for three days, excluding weekends and holidays.

Unlike other existing permits, the 3-day use permit does not require an ownership document but you need to provide the information below

  • The year of the vehicle
  • The make of the vehicle
  • The Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) for the vehicle

Note that homemade trailers and specially designed vehicles are exempt from the VIN requirement.

Important facts about this permit:

  • This permit can be requested by anyone.
  • In every 12-month period, only three permits of this type may be issued to the same vehicle.
  • A minimal permit fee is charged by the Arizona Motor Vehicle Division, and Authorized Third-Party Providers add a little convenience fee.
  • This form of a permit does not require a customer number, Arizona ID, or driver's license number.


30-Day General Use Permit

When circumstances suggest that no other permit type is applicable, Arizona MVD and Authorized Third-Party Providers issue 30-Day General Use Permits in place of permanent registration.

In general, a 30-Day General Use Permit for a vehicle can only be obtained once per 12 months.  It works in Arizona as well as any other state.  A 30-Day General use Permit has no mobility limitations or residence requirements.  

The following items are necessary in addition to the fee:

One of the following paper can be used to prove ownership:

  • Vehicle certificate of title
  • Vehicle registration
  • Notarized bill of sale
  • Dealer invoice
  • Copy of security agreement
  • Authorized possession of the vehicle

The 30-Day General Use Permit is issued when:

  • All other possibilities for obtaining a permit have been exhausted.
  • The automobile is in need of repairs.
  • After transferring the plate credit to another car, the owner seeks to sell the vehicle.
  • There are no other types of permits that apply.

Any vehicle, irrespective of where it has been last titled, registered, or previously titled and registered in Arizona may be granted a 30-day General Use permit.  A physical inspection is required when an ownership document is not accessible or submitted, and an NCIC-ACIC check is undertaken.

To receive this permit, you must have an Arizona customer number (usually your driver's license number).  If a consumer does not already have an Arizona ID, driver's license, or customer number one will be issued for a small cost.  The other state's plate(s) must be surrendered or a plate statement will be required for an out-of-state-car.

If the original 30-Day General Use Permit is lost, disfigured, or destroyed, a copy can be created.  The expiration date on the copy will be the same as the original. The Arizona Motor Vehicle Division charges a minimal fee, and Authorized Third-Party Providers add a modest convenience fee.

A 30-Day General Use Permit is not available for a Commercial International Registration Plan (IRP) Apportioned vehicle.  Motor carriers can use temporary proportional registrations to replace lost registrations or to add automobiles to an existing fleet. 

Replacement registrations or pending receipt of permanent.  A 90-day IRP Temporary Authorization is granted by the Arizona MVD Motor Carriers Department, or Authorized third-party providers, and Authorized Title Services Companies.


90-Day Resident Permits

A resident of Arizona may apply for a 90-day registration if they do not have all of the necessary papers for granting of a title or registration.  This registration permits you to drive the vehicle while you wait for more paperwork.  It's available at any MVD or authorized third-party location.

Vehicle license taxes will be computed for the entire year, back to the date of issuance of the 90-day registration once all evidence is received. Within a 12-month period, only two 90-Day permits may be issued consecutively.  If the vehicle has not cleared emissions, no permits will be provided unless ADEQ grants a waiver.

90-day permits will not be provided to anyone who cannot produce proof of ownership, for use on commercial vehicles, or for vehicles with a gross vehicle weight rating of more than 26,000 lbs.

Customers can also get a 45-day temporary registration and plate from a licensed automotive dealer to use until they get their permanent plate and registration after purchasing a vehicle.