Mobile Home Insurance


Our program accepts any factory-built home, whether it is a single-wide, double-wide, triple-wide, or 2-story modular. Unlike other insurers, we place no age restriction on your home.


Coverage Highlights:


  • Comprehensive protection – Your policy covers any cause of loss (fire, lighting, wind, hail, explosion, burst water pipes, and so on) unless that cause is specifically excluded in the policy documents.
  • Stated value loss settlement – For a total loss, we settle at the state value of your home which is listed on your policy. There is no depreciation deduction. For a partial loss, we pay the actual cash value of the loss, but you can upgrade that to a replacement cost valuation.
  • Liability – You are covered if an injury occurs to someone while on the premises, or if you accidentally injure someone or damage property away from your home.
  • Personal property – Your personal belongings are protected on an actual cash value basis if the home suffers a covered loss.


Is your manufactured home not a full-time residence?


Manufactured housing is flexible and so is our program. We accept other uses and occupancies.

  • Rental – The rental program accepts residential and light commercial-use units.
  • Seasonal – Our seasonal program covers mobile homes that are used just part of the year.
  • Vacant – A vacant mobile home can be insured through our Vacant program.
  • Tenant – Renters insurance (HO-4) is an option for renters of a mobile home.