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Arizona License Plates

When you are looking for Arizona license plates, you need to know that there are some rules that relate to their placement.

Displaying Your Arizona License Plate
According to the motor vehicle division, you can't modify or alter your plate in any way. In addition, you need to display it on the rear of your vehicle and follow the next rules:

Temporary issued placards must also be displayed per the same requirements. Must be displayed in a position so the license plate is clearly legible, securely attached to prevent swinging and at a height at least 12 inches from the ground to the bottom of the plate. The name of the state at the top of the plate cannot be obscured or covered. 

In case your license plate becomes unreadable, illegible, deteriorated or damaged, you will need to replace it. In order to do this, you simply need to go to the MVD office. Notice that you will need to bring the license plate with you, the vehicle identification number, and a form of identification. 

Special License Plates
If you look around other vehicles on the road, you will notice that some have special license plates. It is worth to point out that you can get these special license plates here at RL Jones Insurance and MVS. 

One of the reasons why so many people as been getting special license plates is the fact that these allow you to make contributions to some institutions or organizations such as colleges, sports teams, and even veterans. 

In Arizona, you have dozens of special license plates to choose from. The prices differ depending on the one that you pick. 

A lot of people tend to think that it is the Arizona Department of Transportation that decides which special license plates exist. However, this is not the case. In fact,

Arizona lawmakers need to pass bills to create them. Then, the governor will also need to approve them. 

One of the things that you need to keep in mind is that some of these special license plates come with specific requirements. 

For example, if you would like to get a veteran plate, you must either be a veteran or have an immediate family member who is a veteran. Some other special license plates have similar requirements such as Pearl Harbor, Purple Heart, and Legion of Valor survivors. 

Other special requirements are demanded by the energy efficiency plate. This is the blue with clouds plate that only drivers who have specific hybrid electric vehicles can have. 

As we already mentioned above, there are also special license plates that refer to colleges and even sports teams. The University of Arizona has the most, according to the Arizona Department of Transportation.

In what concerns professional sports teams, the Arizona Cardinals have the most by far, followed by the Arizona Diamondbacks, then the Phoenix Suns.

Our inventory of license plates might change from time to time, please give us a call to find out what plates are available, either at our Yuma or San Luis locations, our number is (928)627-8212.