US & Mexico Limited Auto Insurance Coverage

Limited Mexico Auto Insurance Coverage

Effective dates of June 8, 2020 Hallmark Specialty Personal Lines is adding Limited Mexico Personal Auto Insurance coverage to New Business and Renewals. 


Hallmark will provide limited Mexico Coverage to all Arizona Auto policyholders who have Comprehensive and Collision coverages on their vehicle(s). There is no rate impact associated with the change since we are not charging for this coverage - it is part of Part IV - Physical Damage Coverage. 

The revision provides Comprehensive and Collision Coverage if:

  1. The insured has purchased Comp and Collision on the car involved in the loss;
  2. The loss occurs to that car within 50 miles of the US border and being used for infrequent trips that do not exceed 5 consecutive days at any one time, and do not exceed 23 days in any calendar month. 
  3. The vehicle is garaged only in the US.
  4. The car is used in Mexico only by the insured or a family member who lives in the US.
  5. The car is returned to the US after a loss for an inspection - this cost of returning the car to the US is not covered. 
  6. This coverage is excess over any other collectible insurance.