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Yuma Auto Insurance

Car insurance is one of the most expensive pieces of coverage you can buy, but if you live in Yuma, AZ, where car accidents are relatively rare and affordable policies are abound, it's easy to get the best auto insurance possible. There are plenty of ways that living in this part of Arizona can save you money on your premiums - all without sacrificing coverage or customer service!

Affordable auto insurance in Yuma, AZ

If you're looking for affordable auto insurance in Yuma, AZ, look no further than RL Jones Insurance. In addition to being a great place to live and work, it's also an ideal place for driving. With its low cost of living and low crime rate (especially compared with other cities), there are plenty of reasons why Yuma is a good choice for anyone who wants affordable car insurance coverage.

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Common causes of car accidents in Yuma

The most common causes of car accidents in Yuma are:


  • When you're driving too fast, it's hard to react quickly enough to avoid a collision. This can happen when you're trying to pass someone or avoid an accident on the road.
  • Speeding is also a big cause of crashes that involve pedestrians or bicyclists on the freeway. If you speed along those lanes, it's easy for drivers behind or ahead of you to get into trouble because they might not see each other until it's too late.

Distracted driving (or distracted communication):

  • This refers to anything from reading text messages while driving down the highway to watching videos on your smartphone while waiting at stoplights.

Drunk driving/driving under the influence (DUI):

  • If someone has been drinking alcohol before getting behind the wheel and ends up being arrested for drunk driving, then that individual can face fines ranging from $500-$5000 per offense depending upon how many times the individual has been charged with DUI within six months prior)

Road rage:

  • Incidents where two drivers collide over something trivial like changing lanes unexpectedly without warning their fellow motorists.

Most auto insurance policies provide coverage for your vehicle in the event of a collision. Collision coverage pays for damage to a vehicle caused by another vehicle, including but not limited to:

  • The cost of repairing or replacing the damaged part(s)
  • Lost time wages (if you're injured while working) and/or lost income while recovering from your injuries

If you're involved in an accident with someone else's car, comprehensive coverage will pay for any other damages incurred due to that accident as well. This type of insurance covers damage caused by fire, lightning strikes, hail storms, vandalism, theft, flood waters, windstorms, earthquakes, and volcanic eruptions (though not volcanic mudslides).

Comprehensive coverage also pays for damage resulting from medical expenses related to your injury or death if those events occur during an accident with another party's property — for example if someone hits yours with theirs after getting into an argument over parking spots at work.

How your age affects your car insurance rates in Yuma

In general, the younger you are, the more likely it is that your car insurance rates will go up. This is because insurance companies are less likely to insure drivers who are older or have been involved in accidents.

Younger drivers pay more because their cars tend to be newer and less expensive than those driven by older people. Additionally, young adults tend to drive more miles daily than older adults do — and this means that they’re more likely to cause accidents while driving their vehicles.

Car insurance can be expensive depending on where you live. Luckily, that's not the case in Yuma.

When you're looking at the cost of car insurance, it's important to consider where you live. Several factors can affect how much your insurance is going to cost:

  • The crime rate in your area (the low crime rates in Yuma mean that drivers are less likely to get into accidents)
  • Average price per square foot for a home (in Yuma, homes are affordable and easy to maintain)
    Whether or not there's enough traffic on the roadways (if there isn't much traffic then accidents will be less likely)

We hope this article has helped you understand what car insurance is like in Yuma. If you're interested in learning more about how affordable it can be, contact our team today at (928) 627-8212! We look forward to helping with your insurance needs.